Jehovah’s Call to Mount Ararat

Year 2009. Starting the city in 537bc with 50th jubilee starting again in 1914, this too continues all dates as the 50th jubilee (7 weeks to build Jerusalem) from the king’s 32nd year (443-442bc) until 2008-2009AD.

The voice of Jehovah called me 3 times to Mount Ararat as He called to Moses and to Elijah 3 times. The voice told me the first time in Yerevan Armenia that the base of Mount Ararat sunk to became level with the uplift of the ocean floor for it to be fact that the 2-mile ocean covered Ararat by 22 feet (15 cubits). The voice the 2nd time told me in DoguBayzit that the plain of Ararat’s base is now a mile high so that the 2-mile ocean cannot reach its peak with this next astral impact. The 3rd time I was called thru the BAS forum on the date Elul 1 as was Moses. The voice told me that the sunset of Tuesday August 18 as Elul 1 thru sunrise of Wed Aug 19 begins a Jewish lunar month that is not Islamic Babylon because its Ramadan 1 (Ramazan) fell on sunset Thursday Aug 20 thru Friday morn Aug 21 announcement herald on TV by Obama. This was the key to Artaxerxes 11 lunar dates which are presumed by all but two historians to be variable Jewish lunar dates of specific fixed 365-day Egyptian dates. The two ancient historians who perceive his rule as 474bc recognize these dates as variable Babylon lunar dates on fixed 365-day Persian 365-day calendar, which means Artaxerxes was the only Persian king to do this. But it resolved the puzzle with Babylon lunar always being 3 days after Jewish lunar for the Persian difference of 9 years (9x 365 days) minus 5 days. With that the proper Artaxerxes was fixed closing the Bible in 443bc and completing the identification of Elijah in 2009 having complied to being in Jehovah’s Mountain on Elul 1. Jehovah also unveiled that translation allows security to be in His control. My access to the peak on Elul 12 (in Turkey from Elul 1 Wednesday Aug 19 to Elul 11 Aug 29, I ascended Elul 12 the morn of Aug 30) and came home to very LATE permission (late for Armageddon) giving permission for Elul 12 and THEY (Turkey military) translated that as September 12. I was safe at home in alot of pain laying in bed for 2 weeks.



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