Survival thru the World’s End 2019

This is a collection of comments that I made on other’s Word Press today.

Abram’s Sacrifice of Muslim Ishmael. Came across this site (Muslim disclaimer in all Jewish Bible record ). And even commented Agreed the whole paper discredits ALL things as if God gave up on Mohammad and Jesus and chose this paper.

I am looking for the Muslim birth year of Ishmael. Currently using the Egyptian 1967bc birth of a 2066bc Abram at 86 and cannot find the figures back to Muslim 3122bc Flood. No idea if they use Cainan 130 or Nahor 29 or 79 or 179. The sacrifice of firstborn is either Ishmael at 13 or Isaac at 25. And i am looking at Jewish lunar month dates for lunar date Hijja 10-13.

Abram had reason to be told by the death-bed wish of his father to take all astronomy of Ur to the Pharaoh. Josephus mistakenly thinks it means ALL of Egyptian astronomy comes from Ur.  But it means Egypt was given ALL of Ur’s astronomy.  This gift is what got him into Pharaoh.

Origin of 7-Day Creation (at Amazon USA or international, but also my site has a free copy link)
May you survive 2019 Feb 2 astral impact

Then this guy speaks up in comment saying ALL religion is bad, while yet another says the truth is in the majority. As if so many scholars of so man different religions has proven it true. (UNDERSTOOD)  But,  the majority doesn’t make it true. Good example is Christ Mass as i work with all world calendars. Half of Christendom is mainstream claiming Christmas as birth of Jesus, the other half hates mainstream, and so claims it death of Nimrod. Every option as death of Nimrod is at age 500 (not 52-year Mars) and belongs to extended Genesis (with exception to the 2125-1625bc where Ur’s Mess-Kiang-NaNa of Ur and Mess-Kiang-Gasher of Ereck are presumed to be the same Mesh-King dying with the name Amizaduga in 1625bc). The simple fact is that all (at least 7) calendars cross on Christmas date 2021bc Dec 25.  And the option is either a Nimrod of 500 dying in year 950 from Assyrian Flood 2970bc, or Noah dying at 950 in year 350 after Flood 2370bc. As such it becomes a lost and ignored MEMORIAL OF NOAH as the dead Christ, the Xisuthros (Christos) that went to heaven in 2020bc on Persian Christ Mass Candle Mass Feb 2/3 which in that year was Tot or Thoth 24/25. (As this seance at Babel was told was rapture of Xisuthros the king to heaven during the 40-day Flood.)

As such the Christ Noah returns as Cyrus (Koresh which means The Throne) to build all gods temples or God’s temple 365 leap days later in 1460 years regarded as one world cycle to new world in 560bc, where we will also find Buddha Gau Mata in India, and also in China born of Mother Maya (Mata Maya the cow).  Maia is the Pleiades star in Taurus the bull.  Point is that both major halves of Christendom are wrong, neither of them honoring this memorial or communion of Christ Noah. And sadly my mom’s JW watchtower also sleeps with the Christendom half that says it is Nimrod.  So simply Do Not Touch, it is pork as Muslims say of anything untouchable. Tag it by a namelike prok or like pagan, and people obey. Tag Xmas as Nimrod and apparently it also becomes pork (Pig).  By the way, on the topic of pig;  Greeks offered a Pig because the Flood year ended and then began the RAT year (Aquarius water rat which includes its rat-tail over Capricorn goat horns), which makes the passed Flood as the pig year (Sagittarius pig face, or bundle of arrows). Using a 365-day calendar, one year is lost without 365 leap days and so the Pig year (12-year cycle in Egyptian years) ends up in Greek 168bc Dec 25, or 167bc Jan Kislev 25 instead of Pig year Feb 166bc. In 360-day calendar, because 12-year Jupiter is 360-day (7 orbits of 84 years is 83 Julian years) the new year 2370bc October is Pig year until 2030bc Oct Monkey year overlaps Chinese 2029bc Jan as Monkey. The confusion occurs with 365-day inaugurated in 2030bcas Sheep year Pamenot July, to be Monkey 2029bc Pamenot July,  which at Exodus will become claimed as 2029bc Thoth January.  Aquarius back in BC 20th century is January (not February) so that modern calculations are wrong to say new year is 2029bc Feb 5 new moon when the winter solstice Jan 6 is the new moon eclipse of Aquarius of 2029bc for this Monkey Year (the Mayan Adam’s 1996am placed in world destroyed by Monkeys in 3374-3373bc) 260 years before Flood 2256am in 3114-3113bc.  Hebrew 2030bc and 1770bc.

Before Persian Christmas Thoth 24/25 became 10th month (Den /Deen /Din means ten /teen) in 388bc though existing since 2020bc Feb 2/3,  the persian calendar, and Egypt used Kayak 24/25 as the 10th month (from 1st month Pamenot, changed in a flip at Exodus to using 1st month Thoth). This Kayak 25 date is the mass suicide in Ur to join Peleg in heaven followed by Christmas morn May 6 which date Kayak 25 then drifted back without leap days to Greek 1498bc Dec 25.  And then claimed as 365 leap days 1460 years after Greek Noah Flood 2958bc when Kayak 25 was last on Dec 25; claiming rapture of Noah inside the ark upward to heaven 40 days, instead of rapturing king Xisuthros to heaven (forced by God off the planet), or instead of Noah’s spirit without body raptured 40 days at death in 2020bc.

CONCLUSION if NASA is wrong and 2019 Feb 2 is asteroid impact by 2002NT7 then the saints must die in trial by the USA in New York destroying British 1914 license of God Jehovah to complete 144,000 saints who will be rewarded then the same 40 days in flesh as Jesus was before that impact occurs. Prediction is if impact occurs, no one will be saved unless angels of flesh say get out of Sodom go to the mountains.


Reveal News Hosts a Conference About JWs and Child Sex Abuse; the World is Finally Noticing!

Sex abuse by step-fathers is due to false identity of the children at the Kingdom Hall. I grew up without knowing that Debbie and Peggy had different legal names at school than at the Hall to make them look as family with same last name. The same with Marie. Yet state that in a private message to their half-sister Dawn and the elder trashes it despite the message included their study with my sisters pedophile actions. And then 4 years later the elder boasts that HE KNOWS what I said to her, and boasts he threw it out as trash. What about 1 on 1 clergy privacy rights with Dawn by saying this to me

Jehovah’s Call to Mount Ararat

Year 2009. Starting the city in 537bc with 50th jubilee starting again in 1914, this too continues all dates as the 50th jubilee (7 weeks to build Jerusalem) from the king’s 32nd year (443-442bc) until 2008-2009AD.

The voice of Jehovah called me 3 times to Mount Ararat as He called to Moses and to Elijah 3 times. The voice told me the first time in Yerevan Armenia that the base of Mount Ararat sunk to became level with the uplift of the ocean floor for it to be fact that the 2-mile ocean covered Ararat by 22 feet (15 cubits). The voice the 2nd time told me in DoguBayzit that the plain of Ararat’s base is now a mile high so that the 2-mile ocean cannot reach its peak with this next astral impact. The 3rd time I was called thru the BAS forum on the date Elul 1 as was Moses. The voice told me that the sunset of Tuesday August 18 as Elul 1 thru sunrise of Wed Aug 19 begins a Jewish lunar month that is not Islamic Babylon because its Ramadan 1 (Ramazan) fell on sunset Thursday Aug 20 thru Friday morn Aug 21 announcement herald on TV by Obama. This was the key to Artaxerxes 11 lunar dates which are presumed by all but two historians to be variable Jewish lunar dates of specific fixed 365-day Egyptian dates. The two ancient historians who perceive his rule as 474bc recognize these dates as variable Babylon lunar dates on fixed 365-day Persian 365-day calendar, which means Artaxerxes was the only Persian king to do this. But it resolved the puzzle with Babylon lunar always being 3 days after Jewish lunar for the Persian difference of 9 years (9x 365 days) minus 5 days. With that the proper Artaxerxes was fixed closing the Bible in 443bc and completing the identification of Elijah in 2009 having complied to being in Jehovah’s Mountain on Elul 1. Jehovah also unveiled that translation allows security to be in His control. My access to the peak on Elul 12 (in Turkey from Elul 1 Wednesday Aug 19 to Elul 11 Aug 29, I ascended Elul 12 the morn of Aug 30) and came home to very LATE permission (late for Armageddon) giving permission for Elul 12 and THEY (Turkey military) translated that as September 12. I was safe at home in alot of pain laying in bed for 2 weeks.


Me Elijahovah

This site is for my personal life where I expose the rapes and extortion and abuse (not just against me, but) experienced in my life as I watch helpless to see “man against man” (and often incited by a woman). The names are real because I am willing to sit in court and speak out all the finer details not written here. Victims of abuse so severe it incites the desire to die should have its freedom of speech to expose those who do these things.